Suspension Repair

When Do You Need Car Suspension Repair?

If your car is bouncy and the steering is noisy, straighten up and drive right to Lil Al’s Auto Repair in Virginia Beach VA for comprehensive car suspension repair services. We help you stay in control on the road while enjoying a smooth and steady ride. Some other important signs that indicate you may have car suspension problems include:

 Bumpy or Shaky Ride
 Damaged Shocks or Struts
 Stiffness or Noise When Steering
 Vehicle Swaying or Leaning on Turns
 Cupped or Uneven Tire Wear
 Vehicle Instability When Braking
 Fluid Leaks from Shocks or Struts
 Damaged or Worn Mounts or Bushings

Affordable Truck & Car Suspension Repair in Virginia Beach

Your car or truck’s suspension system will not last forever. Because your car suspension system handles a lot of pressure, it’s bound to wear out eventually. Fortunately, Lil Al’s Auto Repair in Virginia Beach VA provides complete inspections and auto suspension repair to ensure your car or truck is road ready.

If your vehicle is bouncing when you drive, don’t worry about having to pay for expensive car suspension services. At our Virginia Beach VA auto shop, we offer affordable services with quality work that ensures your complete satisfaction. We also feature excellent in-house financing plans when you need financial assistance.

Auto Suspension Repair Specialists in Virginia Beach VA

Shocks and struts ensure that a vehicle stays steady while keeping occupants safe on the road. When they begin to fail, the care becomes bumpy and more difficult to control. If you suspect you need auto suspension repair, turn to the certified mechanics at our auto repair shop for prompt services. We repair and replace a wide variety of car suspension components including:

 Tie Rods
 Sway Bars
 Radius Rods
 Shocks & Struts
 Steering Knuckle
 Track Control Arm

Contact us for suspension inspection and for a free estimate when you need to replace your shocks and struts.
We proudly serve automobile owners in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Oceana, Red Mill, and Lynnhaven, VA.