Brake Repairs

Affordable Brake Repairs in Virginia Beach VA

Put the brakes on brake problems today. Lil Al’s Auto Repair in Virginia Beach VA provides brake repairs and brake replacement services that ensure reliable stopping power. Whether you own a domestic or foreign car, you can trust our skilled ASE-certified technicians to restore, repair or replace your brakes.
We understand that you can’t always afford to pay for an expensive auto brake service. That’s why our Virginia Beach VA auto repair shop offers affordable brake repairs that save you money. From installing new pads to resurfacing rotors, we do it all at prices you can afford. We have many customers in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Oceana, Red Mill, and Lynnhaven.

How Do I Know if I Need a Brake Job?

Lil Al’s Auto Repair in Virginia Beach VA offers comprehensive brake service for car and truck owners. Bring your vehicle to our shop, and we’ll identify the issue and accurately fix the problem. The following are warning signs that indicate you may have brake problems:

 Brake Pedal Is Mushy
 ABS or Brake Light Is On
 Brake Pedal Is Slow to Respond
 Vehicle Pulls to One Side When Braking
 Vibration While Braking
 Clicking Noises When Braking
 Grinding or Squealing While Braking
 Brake Seize or Vibrate when Applying Pedal

Brake Pad Replacement in Virginia Beach VA

You may not think about it, but your brakes take a lot pressure. Every day, they are responsible for stopping thousands of pounds of weight at a moment’s notice. So, brake pad replacement is inevitable. When your brakes are squealing or vibrating, it’s your car is trying to tell you something.

All brake pads eventually become worn or uneven, causing your car to pulsate or your brakes to grind when you apply the pedal. When that happens, come to our Virginia Beach VA auto center for prompt brake replacement and repairs. We replace drum and disc brakes for all makes and models.

Oceana & Virginia Beach VA Auto Brake Service

Nearly all brake problems are the result of worn pads or warped rotors. However, other brake repair issues are more complex. At our auto brake service in Virginia Beach VA, we fix leaky brake lines, damaged calipers, and faulty master cylinders as well. In addition, we also provide brake inspections to ensure your entire brake system is operating correctly.